Option 4 – Multicam video production (KNSB-Cup A only)

50,00 incl. Taxes (BTW/VAT)

Option 4 video production


Available on back-order



This option is the, in our minds at least, the most complete option we have available for events where we have a multi camera setup such as KNSB competitions with a full Judging System like the KNSB-Cup A. Ordering this option leads to us copying the raw data straight from our video camera, running post production work on it in which we clear up as much imperfections as we can, optimise colour balancing, exposure and audio. We will then identify the best camera angle positions from the camera’s we have to choose from and blend these into a single video production. After that we add some information about the athlete in the video such as name, date and competition the video is about. After this work having been done we start including chapter transitions, slow motions of the elements skated during a program and when relevant we will add a victory ceremony if and when available. This option can be completed by using beautiful pictures taken during the program (or somewhere else), these pictures will have to be provided by you as a customer by sending these (or a Wetransfer link) to video@showyourskill.online. We export this video into an .mp4 file in 1080p resolution and with 30 or 60 frames per second. After post production we upload the file and present you, by e-mail, with a link to download.

The cost for this option, excluding potential additional payment cost, are € 50,00 including taxes.

The lead-time when ordering Option 4 video production is a maximum of 20 working days after receipt of payment.