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The Final Round of selections

It is nearly time for Dutch Figure Skaters to take to the Ice for a final opportunity to make to the finals in February. Coming Saturday the competition will start off with the Advanced Novice Ladies followed by the Juniors and after them the Senior Category. The day will be closed with the Free Programs of all the Basic Novice skaters who participate. The last skaters to go to the finals will be known ones the last Junior Lady skated her free program on Sunday afternoon.

Those who are unable to attend the venue in Alkmaar itself will be gladly presented with our live-stream. Please find the links to the livestream on our YouTube Channel below:



The team here at Show Your Skill .Online wishes all participants the very best of luck and:


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Ordering video productions thru our website

Dear friends, enthousiasts, followers, respected and potential future customers. We have, again, found out we have missed some of your requests for video’s as a result of our inability to handle our pipeline properly.

As a result we have now decided to implement a proper web-store into our website allowing you to order thru a properly managed system which makes the process of choosing options easier and more direct as well as the handling of payments directly on check-out.

We aim to improve our reliability and responsiveness by running our operations this way. Ones this new web store is fully operational we will let you know and from then onwards we will only accept orders placed thru the web store.

Looking forward to welcome you as a new customer and thanking you for staying with us thru our new video production ordering process if you where already with us.

Ready, Steady, Stream….