Challenge Cup 2024 – Option 3 – Simple Multicam video production

50,00 incl. Taxes (BTW/VAT)

A simple video production will be made with both audio and video normalised and optimised and best shot options chosen from our two boarding side camera positions


This option is an actual video production where we will create a multicam clip and select best shot options from all our available camera’s. Both Audio and Video will be optimised and normalised prior to rendering the production into a 1080p HD 60fps video. Provided will be a single .mp4 or .mov file that has been overlaid with the athletes name, competition identifier and watermark with our logo in the lower right hand corner. The final production file will be uploaded and a link to the file will be e-mailed for you to download.

The cost for this option, excluding potential additional payment cost, are € 50,00 including taxes.

The lead-time when ordering Option 3 video production is a maximum of 20 working days after receipt of payment