Challenge Cup 2024 – Option 1 – Single Camera raw camera data

16,25 incl. Taxes (BTW/VAT)

Raw data video recording from our main boarding side camera


This option is the cheapest and simplest video recording we have available. Ordering this option leads to us copying the raw data straight from our video camera which is an .mp4 or .mov file in 1080p resolution and with up to 60 frames per second. We drop this recording into a standard template, add the athletes name in an overlay at the beginning of the file, watermark with our logo, and do no further post production at all and upload the file for you to download.

We believe this option is beneficial to all those skaters and trainers who are planning to use visual feedback of competitions as part of their development process, a proven technology in many sports and used by many a coach and trainer.

The cost for this option, excluding potential additional payment cost, are € 16,25 including taxes.

The lead-time when ordering Option 1 video recordings is a maximum of 10 working days after the competition or receipt of payment.