Ready, Steady, Stream…

In full preparation we are for yet another fun and action packed week at De Uithof in The Hague. Not only for the athletes the ChallengeCup brings with it its challenges, it is a bit of work for the organisation as well and us. We are getting there, again. Below you’ll find the links for all four days of live streaming at the Challenge Cup.

We are preparing a fall back page for all livestreams in case copyright infringements block us out of YouTube as happend to us during a competition in Groningen earlier this season, we will keep you all posted on progress on that front from this page. Potentially that fall back page end sup being a paid stream to cover cost for the fall back, again, we will keep you all posted.

Ready, Steady, Stream…

Next up: Challenge Cup and Dutch Nationals, The Hague

Livestream link 20-2-2020

Livestream link 21-2-2020

Livestream link 22-2-2020

Livestream link 23-2-2020

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